Village Hall Booking

To book the Village Hall please email for a call back

As of 1st January 2022

Hire Rate1st HourEach Additional hourMaximum ChargeMaximum Charge
Sunday – Thursday£16£12£120 
Friday – Saturday£16£12 £170
Children’s Party4 Hrs Block @ £40.00
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Terms of Hire:



It is a requirement of the Hire of Sambrook Village Hall to follow the Conditions of Hire on the day of hire.

  • Collect key from appointed place using the keycode supplied at time of booking conformation.
  • The keycode is for your use only and as such should not be given to anyone else without prior agreement with Sambrook Village Hall Booking agent. 
  • The key safe should be locked and code scrabbled once key collected.
  • Keys supplied:
    1. Main Door
    2. Front Door (Wooden Door)
    3. Kitchen
  • Ensure that at least 2 doors are unlocked in case of Fire Alarm.
  • Hand Sanitiser will be available at the following entry/exit points:
    1. Main Entrance
    2. Front Door (Wooden Door)
    3. Kitchen Area.
  • Equipment
    1. Chairs – stacked to maximum of 8 and returned to area you had them from.
    2. Large Tables – stored in Storeroom of Kitchen
    3. Small Round Tables – Stored in Cloakroom area.
  • Hot Water in Kitchen.  The Hot water in the kitchen is supplied via an On/Off Switch.  It only takes 5 mins the heat the water.  BE AWARE THAT HOT WATER FROM KITCHEN TAP IS VERY HOT.
  • It is the hirers responsibility to return all items to the correct place.
  • After Use Responsibilities:
    • Ensure that all touch areas are sprayed & wiped with Supplied Anti-Bacterial Spray. Touch Areas consist of the following:
      • Door Handles
      • Light Switches
      • Toilet Flush & seat
      • Basin & Taps
      • Kitchen area (If used)
      • Tables
    • Floors to be swept
    • Liquid splits to be cleaned
    • Kitchen Items used
      • Cleaned, dried, and put away
      • Hop & Oven wiped.
      • Fridge wiped out
      • Kettle Emptied and lid open
    • Bins in Toilets emptied and rubbish removed.
  • Electric:
    1. Ensure Hot Water Switch in kitchen is off.
    2. All Lights in all areas turned off – check toilet lights.
    3. Heating Switched Off and Thermostat set to ZERO.
  • Keys returned straight after event and Keycode Scrambled.